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We strive to satisfy every client.

We appreciate, and are happy to share, their feedback.

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Above and Beyond

Coach Lou went above and beyond including the entire family in our dog training experience. When I decided to get a Husky most people would tell me I'll never be able to train her. Well, I am happy to say that my 6 month old Husky puppy is absolutely amazing and fully trained off leash. He also off leash trained my 3 year old Chiweenie who is your typical lap dog that did not have any prior training. I can't thank you enough for not only training my dogs but for spending a lot of time training me and the kids to be able to work with them. I couldn't have done it without you! If you have a dog that needs training Coach Lou is your guy!

~ Kylee Penelope 



Very Knowledgeable

Very knowledgeable, truly cares not only for dogs but is a responsive and careful trainer for the owners as well. Could't be more thrilled with the results of his work with our GSD. Would recommend or use him again without question.

~ Dawn Kobis Vadnais

Different From Other Trainers

I have a 2 year old male Rotti named Taz (yes, as in the devil). Taz went through all the basic training and knows all the commands (Lou confirmed during evaluation). The problem is how amped up he gets around people and his tendency to nip at clothes. He really likes people and other dogs, but it's unpredictable who he decides to punk. Although I was able to control him, Taz lacked impulse control and the ability to make good decisions in all circumstances. I contacted Lou and he gave me some great tips over the phone on things to work on. I could tell over the phone that Lou was different from other trainers and ultimately, I wanted him to train Taz (and then of course me).


I now walk with Taz off leash except around kids, cars, and too many people. I also have much better tools and confidence around how to read Taz in certain situations. Is Taz perfect now? No, he is still very much a puppy and will need constant reinforcement, but now I have tools to continue training. I will continue to work with Lou whenever possible.

Key notes:

Lou knows how to evaluate a dog. He saw what was going on with Taz and gave direct steps to address them. Couch Lou - This says it all for me. I have had multiple dogs over the years and multiple trainers that were "good" with dogs. Lou is great with dogs, but more importantly, he is great at coaching you through what is happening, how to address it, and how to continue moving forward.

I have never written a review in 48 years, but felt compelled to given the success story that I have with my pup. I strongly recommend anyone I meet that has "issues" with a dog to contact Lou.

~ Andrew Matkin



Coaches You

Coach Lou not only trains your dog, he coaches you! XL or XS, he does it all!

~ Avyanna Marie

Highly Recommend

5 stars. Highly recommend Coach Lou.

~ Harrison Walsh

Understands Dogs

... a professional trainer that knows and understands dogs. This man right here can do it all. I have the proof and stand by it. He trained my 7 month old husky like no other. He also spent the time to teach me what he taught our pup. What Lou does to teach and train these dogs will blow you away. Shortly after he trained our family dog "Chase" I recommended my close friend to bring his pup over to Lou. and he did not disappoint with the results. Also a husky. If anyone knows huskys can be a very strong and stubborn breed. But I am one satisfied customer that can say Lou not only trained my dog but he made heads spin after doing it. Our family has a 9 year old husky that has been the most perfect dog / husky that any person or family could ever ask for. When Chase joined our family we knew right away that he was a force to be reckoned with, so I found Lou. What he did to train this dog (and what we as a family consider a child of ours) is just awesome. I can proudly say that our 1 year old pup has gone with us to family BBQs my nephew's soccer games, and walks around town with no leash. He has been trained to sit and obey us with very or no repercussion at all. And man oh man do the compliments feel good. As much as I want to take all the credit, I can't because it's almost impossible to explain to other people how you would train a dog like this. Anyways as a Dad that has a 9 year old husky, a 5 year old son, and Chase who is now 1 years old after Lou trained him (when he was 7 months ) old. I truly believe you should give the man a try. 5 out of 5 stars for sure.

~ Mike Flanagan


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